Die Macht der inneren Bilder

Wie Visionen das Gehirn, den Menschen und die Welt verändern 

Hüther, Gerald

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Inner images are all those pictures that we carry within us and influence our feelings and actions. Such images are ideas and visions of who we are, what we find achievable and what we would like to achieve. They are stored patterns in our brain that we use to find our way in life. We need these images to plan actions, to take on challenges and to react on threats. Due to these pictures we find things beautiful and attractive or ugly and repulsive.Inner images are therefore decisive for how and what we use our brain for. Where do these inner images come from? How are they transferred from one generation to another? What happens when certain images are lost? Are there inner images that will always live on? Is it only us or other living beings as well who use pictures to manage their lives? Is there a developmental history of inner patterns?In this book the brain researcher Gerald Hüther searches for answers on such questions – he is not the first one but the first one who approaches this topic from a natural scientific perspective. He creates unknown links between world views of natural sciences and the humanities and establishes connections between material and mental processes of outer structures and inner powers of creation of all living forms. The author provides this synthesis in his usual comprehensive manner.


Technische Daten

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
20.5 x 12.3 cm

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